Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye Turns 22 Years Old

Attraction Poster (Photo Credit: Disney)

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye debuted in Disneyland on March 3, 1995 to invited guests and opened to the general public the following day. The attraction is set in the Lost Delta of India, circa 1935, where Indiana Jones has discovered a shrine full of artifacts and treasures. He also discovered it holds an ancient curse. The temple was built as a tribute to a powerful patron diety, Mara. Mara would offer all that came to the temple one of three magical gifts. After looking into your soul she would decide if that magical gift was Earthly Riches, Eternal Youth or Future Knowledge. The legend warns not to looking into the eyes of Mara or else face unholy terrors in the temple. Unfortunately for Indiana Jones and his team funding for excavation is running short and to raise cash they are conducting tours of the temple.

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye (Photo Credit: Disney)

Construction of the attraction began in August of 1993 and would be the fourth collaboration between Disney and George Lucas/Lucasfilm – Captain EO (1986), Star Tours (1987), Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular (1989) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida. Indiana Jones Adventure would be the first major attraction in Adventureland since the Enchanted Tiki Room was added in 1963. According to some, early concepts for the attraction included a walk-through adventure and a high-speed mine car style adventure. To create room for the 1/2 mile queue and the 50,000 square foot building, portions of the Monorail and Jungle Cruise were rerouted and a portion of the former “Eeyore” parking lot was demolished. The ride pays tribute to “Eeyore” with a sign from the parking lot hidden in the queue.

Indiana Jones Adventure outside queue area. (Photo Credit: Disney)

The Indiana Jones Adventure queue is one of the most detailed and interactive queues at Disneyland. It is filled with scenes that were inspired by the Indiana Jones movies. You will run across bats, booby traps, archaeological work and artifacts. Before actually boarding one of the transports guests are shown a short newsreel giving them a little history of the adventure and safety instructions for the upcoming trip. It is in this area where you can find the tribute to the “Eeyore” parking area.

Can you see Eeyore? (Photo Credit: Unknown)

The ride system developed for the attraction was designed specifically for the Indiana Jones Adventure ride. The Enhanced Motion Vehicle or EMV transports groups of 12 guests (3 seat rows, 4 guests per row) through the perils of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Each vehicle is basically a motion simulator that lifts, drops, shudders and trembles along the 2,500 feet of track inside the temple and reaches speeds of just over 14 miles per hour during the approximately three and a half minute ride.

Indiana Jones Adventure transport vehicles (Photo Credit: Disney)

I found an excellent ride video on YouTube from SoCal Attractions 360. It’s almost like being on the ride!


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