Oscar Martinez Honored for 60 Years of Service at Disneyland

On December 29, 1956, Oscar Martinez started his Disney career as a busboy in a Fantasyland quick-service location, and has been at the cafe on Main Street, U.S.A. for the last 50 years. Disneyland had been open about 17 months when Oscar came aboard and had never worked in a restaurant in his life. With over 6o years of faithful service, he is the longest tenured employee at Disneyland.

Check out the tribute video posted by DisneyParks Blog today:

Oscar was born in Brownsville, Texas and moved to Arkansas when he was 9 years old. His father was a farmer and he often worked on the farm with him. He watched his mother do a lot of cooking but probably never imagined he would do a life-time of cooking at Disneyland. Around the age of 20, Oscar moved to California with his girlfriend Shirley Ann who would later become his wife. They worked at Disneyland for many years together and were happily married for 50 plus years. Sadly, Shirley passed away on November 10, 2015 after battling 15 years of cancer.

Oscar was noticed quickly by his bosses and was promoted to the grill because he was so fast. He has worked in every role in several Disneyland restaurants but is most famous for his role on Main Street and his breakfast potatoes. In his younger days Oscar experimented with potatoes that he served to the top Disney brass. The executives liked them so much they were added to the menu and later added Oscar’s name to them. You can find them on the Carnation Cafe breakfast menu as Oscar’s Choice. Oscar has also trained thousands of employees in the “Disney Way” of doing things.

Photo courtesy of Robert Santiago.

In 2011, in honor of his 55th anniversary he was the first person to receive the newly created 55-year Snow White-themed service award. Oscar was the first person to ever achieve the 55-year milestone and in December of 2016 was the first person to reach the 60-year milestone. Two days ago he was presented with a “Cinderella” themed award that was created by Walt Disney Imagineering especially for Oscar and this occasion. These achievements will be almost impossible to match!

Hopefully on my next trip to Disneyland I can finally meet Oscar and shake his hand!


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